Friday, August 20, 2010

Which one will you be wearing?

Every season Chanel launches a range of very limited shades of nailpolish that sold out everywhere around the world in a matter of days. And right at that time everyone knows which colors EVERYBODY will be wearing that season, for example, who can forget the Riviera shade of this spring? I actually can't never find them available in stores but I always get inspired on the collection to choose the colors I'll be using. 
Black nails for fall for me is a must and I'll definitely see myself wearing the Black Velvet from Chanel, as for the Paradoxal, which seems to be a mixture of dark purple with brown (?) I still am in doubt.. I think I'll have to see in person to decide and as for the gold one, Gold Lame, I think I can say is it really not my color. Too 80s for me! What about you?

1 comment:

mademoisellejoanne said...

black!! golden in my nails....guess not...