Friday, February 19, 2010

Alexander McQueen label will survive, say French owners

Alexander McQueen’s fashion label will live on despite the designer’s apparent suicide last week, it was announced this morning.
PPR, the French luxury group with a controlling stake in the designer’s companies, said that it planned to build on the McQueen brand. François-Henri Pinault, its president, said: “The Alexander McQueen trademark will live on. This would be the best tribute that we could offer to him.” 
Mr Pinault said that the decision to maintain the label was taken quickly after McQueen’s death and voiced confidence that the fashion house continues to hold “very important potential”.

Sales of McQueen’s clothes and accessories are reported to have surged in the past week. Drapers, a trade publication, reported that sales of McQueen clothes soared 1,400 per cent. 
Robert Polet, president of PPR’s Gucci Group subsidiary under which McQueen worked, said the autumn-winter collection that the designer was completing before his death would be shown at Paris fashion week next month.

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