Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is it me that I'm fat or is Alessandra Ambrosio too skinny?

I usually post strictly about fashion editorials or designers or style overall but this time I felt like posting about our bodies and what is too skinny, if there is such a thing. 
As we approch beach season all the magazines are doing all these articles about the body and if size matters and what diet, exercises and other beauty treatments we can do to prepare ourselves for exposing our body now that the weather is getting hotter and our clothes are coming off. 
So this month Elle France used Alessandra Ambrosio as the 'perfect body for this spring of 2010' and as I saw her pictures (please try to ignore the hot guy in the photo and try to focus on Alessandra) I thought 'I don't want too look like that.. She's so skinny' ... Yes, I said I didn't want to look like Alessandra Ambrosio, a Victoria's Secret model who is considered by as the most sexy woman on the planet and by as the 6th most desirable woman in the world. That being said, I realize I must be crazy.
Actually, this confuses me.. because if she is one of the most desirable woman in the world, people that say that men want girls to have curves so they can have something to 'grab' to, those people must be joking with curvy girls as apparently that's not true.
So the question is, is she too skinny or am I fat? Is it right to Elle France impose her as the perfect body? If I am reasonably confident about my body (and by reasonably I mean despite having flaws I am pretty happy with my body) does having these questions about Alessandra Ambrosio makes me not confident? Is there such a thing as too skinny? And at what line is someone fat? 
If Elle France ellects her as the perfect body should any woman who doesn't have a body like hers feel bad about her appearance? That's just ridiculous. 
What do you think? 


Silvana Querido said...

Penso que ela está perfeita :)


Anonymous said...

Na verdade, apesar de achar que o magro é elegante, o DEMASIADO MAGRO é bastante deselegante, muitas vezes pior que o gordo. Alias normalmente as pessoas gordas sao felizes, não é o que se costuma dizer ? :)