Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Delicious details on my mind right now

I love this shirt, so simple but different! The panels on the shoulders are really elegant and sexy at the same time, and  it seems to be very comfortable and light too.
This image above I saw it and love the idea of constriction portrayed in it.
And this one I loved because it's so opposite of the one before. This one is light and airy and summery.. good thoughts.
Yellow booties. Large belt. Prada cristal shoes. Fendi bag.
This one is from... no, not MiuMiu, Zara lookbook! I love how Zara always copies the best pieces of the best collections. Thank god for that! (It's only 19,95€, and doesn't come with white collar)

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Silvana Querido said...

Adorei as imagens. Toques muito especiais. O vestido da Zara já me deixa com o pé atrás visto que tive com ele este fds debaixo de olho e vi que a qualidade é zero :S