Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye Summer!

I'm definitely feeling the weather change now.. I've already wore a jacket out during the day and stopped wearing sandals and flip flops because I get cold. Bah!
I'm not ready yet for Fall! 
Most of you I know were already excited about it because we get to use new clothes and these season there are great clothes in stores, I know I know.. I usually feel like that too, I don't know what happened this year.
I think that it's because I really loooved this year's summer collection and I don't wanna part from them :( (not that I own them but no one will post about them anymore)
The chandelier-like Prada shoes, the MiuMiu printed pumps.. DENIM SHORTS! Sigh..
Nostalgic already. (I know, I'm being totally dramatic lol)

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